Hall of Fame - Bowling | Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Bowling

Grade Type 
Match Format 
InningsMatchHat Tricks

4 wickets in an innings

1Max McleanOld Ivanhoe2017/201811.03197NMCA - Kelly Shield7 1Bellfield106771712613902623340
2Mark MoncrieffOld Ivanhoe2017/201820.17447NMCA - Kelly Shield14 1West Ivanhoe United29376212613902623368
3Lee EltchelebiOld Ivanhoe2017/201817.31557NMCA - Kelly Reserve3 1Donath166258012613902623386
4Kane WebbOld Ivanhoe2017/201816.22596NMCA - Kelly Reserve3 2Donath134217212613902623386
5Shaun M O'NeillOld Ivanhoe2017/201822.13676NMCA - Kelly Shield3 1Donath36912012613902623326
6Mark MoncrieffOld Ivanhoe2017/201812.03315NMCA - Kelly Shield7 2Bellfield29376212613902623340
7Lee EltchelebiOld Ivanhoe2017/201810.01325NMCA - Kelly Reserve7 1Bellfield166258012613902623400
8Kane WebbOld Ivanhoe2017/201822.06455NMCA - Kelly Reserve14 1West Ivanhoe United134217212613902623428
9Benjamin WulfsohnOld Ivanhoe2017/20183.0054NMCA - Under 15 Division 2 - Coulson Shield1 1North Alphington White110960812613902787530
10Max McleanOld Ivanhoe2017/20187.01174NMCA - Kelly Shield9 1Bellfield106771712613902623347
11Will RutleyOld Ivanhoe2017/20188.02194NMCA - Under 15 Division 2 - Coulson Shield2 1Ivanhoe Roosters60509912613902787531
12Santhosh RaghavanOld Ivanhoe2017/20188.02284NMCA - Kelly Reserve8 1Fiji Victorian69583712613902623403
13Steven HuntleyOld Ivanhoe2017/201811.02304NMCA - Kelly Reserve13 1Fairfield135454812613902623424
14Shaun M O'NeillOld Ivanhoe2017/201816.02334NMCA - Kelly Shield12 1West Preston36912012613902623360
15Shaun M O'NeillOld Ivanhoe2017/20188.02374NMCA - Kelly Shield13 1Fairfield36912012613902623364
16Lee EltchelebiOld Ivanhoe2017/20188.0384NMCA - Kelly Reserve9 1Bellfield166258012613902623407
17Luke BorehamOld Ivanhoe2017/201815.0674NMCA - Kelly Reserve12 1West Preston108393112613902623420